nowtice is an early warning platform capable to mitigate (and in some case get rid) of the risks related to meteorological phenomena in agriculture and rural areas.
Thanks to its massive alert capabilities and to the full support of all communication media (including SMSs, mobile Apps, digital and analog radio devices, voice calls, variable-message signs and alarms), nowtice can promptly warn farmers and rural populations when a risk is detected by accountable authorities. For example, Civil-Defense authorities can broadcast an alert in case of floods and a weather office can warn about possible hailstorms.

Early warning system for rural areas

The software can send pre-defined alerts when certain levels of risk are measured (e.g. when a flood level gauge is detecting an abnormal river water level) and can direct them to chosen recipients with an escalation-based workflow. Single addressees, target groups, aliases are supported. Using nowtice, authorities and private companies can both target ordinary communications and emergency alerts.

Communications can be addressed to public recipients (e.g. all the citizens of a municipality or all the followers of a Facebook page) or to authorized (private) addresses. Alerts can include attachments such as weather forecast maps, instructions and more. Authorized recipients can receive surveys and so provide useful answer to organisational and emergency messages.

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