a new platform for increasing resilience and sustainability of rural economy

Alba sopra il campo di grano

About us

Rural is a system with the aim to provide operational tools responding appropriately to the new challenges arising from the evolution of the world economy and the environment.

It allows to support and direct farmers in the management of agricultural production (smart agriculture) but also to provide warning tools for the occurrence of extreme events that can become a risk for the population and the entire local economy.

It is a web platform based on a cloud infrastructure, powered by raw and processed data coming from meteorological networks on the ground, field observations, satellite services and territorial cartographic processing.
It elaborates the information and, also through the use of mathematical modeling, provides useful indications for the agricultural management, irrigation and phytosanitary defense, maps of risk of intense precipitation and historical series of data.

It allows the definition of automatic procedures for information dissemination and warning for operators in the agricultural supply chain and for the rural population.





3a S.r.l. is an Italian company that has been working in Ict for
agriculture for 22 years.
The company was created by the integration of the founders expertise in
meteorology, in agro-management and  IT solutions.
3a has managed weather station networks  since 1997. It has a wide
experience in sustainable agriculture based on weather and crop
monitoring and decision support systems. Currently 3a is managing 250 weather stations in several rural regions in the world, supporting rural community in carrying out integrated agriculture.